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Cove Marina History as Written by: Barbara Farrar 08/09

"Cove Marina….A Marina or a Landmark?" That's a quote of Gary Werner's, from years ago.

"It's a Full Service Marina" Is a quote of Claire De Vore's. I do believe it has also become…a Legend.

Jack and Nita Fulbright built the marina in 1969. It was a strange site. There was a boat ramp and bulkhead going out into a field of beautiful wildflowers, with barbed wire fences going every which way and the marina built way up high on a hill (that hill has saved us several times over the years). When people would question Jack he just smiled and said "Wait and see".

I called TRA (The Trinity River Authority) when I started writing this article and they told me that after completion of the dam, the gates were closed as of September 29,1968. What is now Lake Livingston did not get full until November 1971. Jack and Nita came from Houston where Jack was with the fire department. They also had a "Piano Bar". In fact the coffee bar at the marina came from that bar. His "cash register" was a cigar box, and his total sales for the first day were a total of $2.33. At the opening he had 5 items for sale; minnows, ice, cigarettes, soft drinks and coffee. Of course he brought his piano with him and at one time he had it in the store. A lot of us had the pleasure of listening to him play. He could really make those keys sing. My favorite was "Autumn Leaves".





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